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About Us

A story of creativity!

Artive Lab was found at spring of 2013 and was officially created at fall of 2015 after passing some obstacles and situations.

Artive Lab

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Web & App Design Studio

/ / Artive Lab

is a web and app design studio located in Greece. We create amazing websites and mobile applications, elegant themes and stunning visual designs. We work with you for you!


/ / Our Story

The two founders of Artive Lab had a vision of a team that will give people the best design combined with the best quality. At the fall of 2015 after hard work and heavy thinking Artive Lab opened it’s gates to give you what you desire!

/ / What we can do


With devices being used more and more each day and by having diferent screen size responsive became quickly the most need feature of a web or mobile application. We at ArtiveLab could not left such technology outside of our main focus since resposive design makes everything so much more appealing!

Friendly User Interface

Users nowdays do things through the internet more than they do in person. A friendly user interface is a must from the simpliest to the most complex web or mobile application and we focus on creating the best for your project based on research and statistics for your project.


A well made design is the first and main reason that will make your visitors to dicide if the will stay on your page any longer. Our main goal is to making stunning but simple design that will make your visitors want to explore your website or application more.


Connecting to the internet is like being a star in the sky. In order for people to notice you and find out about you, social media, advertisment and S.E.O are a must. We expand our horizons and research every day what is the best and most efficient way to advertise your project based on the project’s needs, on the audience it targets and you.

/ / Our Portfolio

  • Michalopoulos Epipla
    Michalopoulos Epipla

  • Spin Top Athens
    Spin Top Athens

  • Arcadian Apartments
    Arcadian Apartments

  • Typofot

  • Free Thinking Gnosopolis
    Free Thinking Gnosopolis

  • Reading Architecture
    Reading Architecture

  • KEMA Argos
    KEMA Argos

  • Oti Apo Xarti
    Oti Apo Xarti

  • SellisBike

  • HPMylonas

  • ArgeasFruit

  • Ermis Spices
    Ermis Spices

  • Mother’s Touch
    Mother’s Touch

  • Swedish Teaching
    Swedish Teaching

  • Personal Trainer Card
    Personal Trainer Card

    Boulmeti Ntina

  • Simple Designs
    Simple Designs

  • Ellados Geuseis
    Ellados Geuseis

  • Ellados Geuseis Logo
    Ellados Geuseis Logo

/ / Our Services

Web Design

With the mobile devices becoming more popular every day resposnive websites are a must for every company and personal website. We focus on giving you stunning design that will work on your desktop and your mobile devices.


  • Responsive HTML5 based front-end Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Simple User Interface


We develop your e-shop with your needs in mind. We make user friendly for your visitors to find anything and everything fast and easy. And we work with the bank of your choise to provide your visitors with us many payment ways as possible.


  • Responsive HTML5 based front-end Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Cross Browser compatibility
  • Fast and User friendly design

Graphics / Gaming

We create graphics having in mind the latest trends and design. Not only that we are creating mobiles game and graphics for games. If you’ve got an idea we are the right team to make it a reality.


  • 3D / 2D Graphics
  • Game Development
  • Business Graphics / logos 
  • Digital Animations / Ads

Mobile & Desktop Applications

With the technology moving forward applications are a must nowdays. We develop the best apps for your needs with the best design.


  • Cross Device Compatibility
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Ads / Marketing

Marketing / S.E.O.

We make your site to be available on all major search engines and we advertise it and your services for the world to find.


  • Search Engine Optimazition
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Advertising




In order to be on the internet you require a great hosting provider with secure servers. Our collaboration with RapidTechHosting provide us the best servers on the market with the best security available.


  • Secure Servers
  • Fast Servers
  • Domain Name Registration



There is a support team available during work hours to answer any question you might have, resolve any problem or help you decide what your business needs the most.


  • Phone & Email Support
  • F.A.Qs
  • Yearly support of your project. Update, add, remove content. Fix bugs.

/ / Meat our Team

Meat ArtiveLab’s team. Learn who are behind all these!

John Boulmetis

John Boulmetis

CEO, Co-founder, Developer

Chief Executive Officer, Web and Mobile Developer. Game Developer, Graphics Designer.



Co-founder, Project Manager, Marketing

Project Manager, Marketing, Social Advertisment, Web Designer

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If you wish to make your company visible on the internet you are at the right place. Let us know what you have in mind and we will make it reality!

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